1000 Bikes Campaign

76% of goal reached so far.

Help us raise $75,000 to provide access to education for at-risk girls and young women living in poverty in India and Cambodia. This campaign is inspired by the bravery of young women who challenge harmful gender narratives to pursue their dream of education, empowerment and sustainable change in their communities.

Through Lotus Pedals a $75 gift supplies a girl with a bike, a pump, a lock, tools and requires the students’ guardians to sign a contract that states they will keep their child in school for at least two years. A $1,500 gift can ensure she receives year-long support and scholarship at university. For the Ride Across Taiwan, your donation will contribute to bike, high school, and university scholarships.

為提倡千架單車徵集運動,我們的活動大使CHYE YEE, EVIE LOO & DAVID ELDOR將於活動期間騎車環繞臺灣全島。我們致力通過教育,賦能貧困婦女及女孩自信自強


幫助我們籌集 $75,000, 共同為印度和柬埔寨貧困中的女孩和婦女,爭取接受教育的機會。“台灣環島騎”受鼓舞於這些年輕女性勇於挑戰性別歧視,追求教育,追逐夢想, 並給他們的社區帶來永續的改進。

通過 Lotus Pedals,每一份 75美元的禮物,它包含了一架單車,一個氣泵,一個車鎖和一些工具,同時也要求學童的父母或者監護人簽訂協議書,規定他們讓孩子繼續接受至少兩年的學府教育。 一份 1500美元的禮物可以保障一個學生一年度的大學費用和獎學金。 在這次“台灣環島騎”活動中,您的捐款將直接幫助學童在單車, 高中和大學的獎學金。


Chye Yee, Evie Loo & David Eldor are riding across the island of Taiwan to raise awareness for our 1000 Bikes Campaign, dedicated to empowering vulnerable women and girls through access to education.

September 11th – 19th | Taiwan

为提倡千架单车征集运动,我们的活动大使CHYE YEE, EVIE LOO & DAVID ELDOR将于活动期间骑车环绕臺湾全岛。我们致力通过教育,赋能贫困妇女及女孩自信自强。


帮助我们筹集 $75,000, 共同为印度和柬埔寨贫困中的女孩和妇女,争取接受教育的机会。“台湾环岛骑”受鼓舞于这些年轻女性勇于挑战性别歧视,追求教育,追逐梦想, 并给他们的社区带来永续的改进。

通过Lotus Pedals,每一份75美元的礼物,它包含了一架单车,一个气泵,一个车锁和一些工具,同时也要求学童的父母或者监护人签订协议书,规定他们让孩子继续接受至少两年的学府教育。一份 1500美元的礼物可以保障一个学生一年度的大学费用和奖学金。在这次 “台湾环岛骑”活动中, 您的捐款将直接帮助学童在单车, 高中和大学的奖学金。


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  • Tsering Hauenstein & Kristi Hundt, Santa Ynez, California, USA 
  • Chye Yee, Malaysia
  • Evie Loo, Malaysia  
  • David Eldor, New Zealand

Get Involved

I. Host a bike ride fundraiser.

II. Engage your local rotary, corporate giving program, or bike shop.

III. Hold a fundraising dinner.  

IV. Get creative!

Email info@lotusoutreach.org to learn more, receive campaign materials, and support.

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