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Building Leaders for a Better Future

In May, we took our CATALYST scholars on a study visit where they were given leadership training. One month before the trip, we asked all 44 CATALYST scholars who wished to be leaders during the study visit to nominate themselves for a vote. Nine ran for the election and seven students were elected to lead small groups of six members each.

Education No Matter the Cost: Interview with Sothea

An interview with GATE student, Sothea. Here she opens up about her life and the toll poverty has taken on her well being and that of her family. And yet, she is hopeful. We uncover within her a staunch determination to escape the drudgery of her circumstances as well as a strong belief that education is her way out.

Healing for Srey Tuich

Consoling Through Counseling helps to provide trauma therapy, social assistance, and small business grants to survivors of human trafficking, sexual abuse and domestic violence residing in a women’s shelter in rural Cambodia. 15-year-old Srey Tuich is one of these children, now off the streets and receiving care.

Clean Water for Tha

Our Getting Well program constructs water wells that serve entire villages in the drought-prone regions of rural Cambodia. Here's an update from the field from our Country Representative, Raksmey Var.

Summer Gratitude

In 2019, thanks to a generous new grant to be announced at a later date, we are doubling our rider numbers! That means that while during the 2018-2019 school year we transported 328 young women to school, in 2019-2020, we are expanding our fleet of buses to support the transportation of 600 girls! We aim to be driving 1,000 girls to school in 2020-2021.

Lotus Pedals Gives Away 208 Bicycles!

Lotus Pedals has planned to giveaway 416 bicycle sets in 2019. So far, 208 bicycle sets have been given away. The rest of the bicycles have already been allocated but will be given when it is close to the new academic year. Here is an update from the field from our Cambodia Rep, Raksmey Var!

CATALYST Scholars “Pay It Forward”, Part 2

Every year our CATALYST program takes its scholars on a study trip. This is a time where our young women can learn and observe, build confidence and bridge gaps in experience and knowledge. This year, there was a twist!

Counting Bikes and Smiles at Garden of Peace School

In partnership with our local affiliates, last year 50 bicycles were provided to children at Garden of Peace School. Ever vigilant with respect to follow-up, we called in the scholars during a recent visit and 39 bikes arrived within the afternoon. Look at these smiling faces!

Manisha Gets a Ride to School from Blossom Bus!

14-year-old Manisha from the village school in Dhamaka was told by her school teacher when she received her certificate of graduation, “there is a free bus ride available in case you want to study further”. Manisha was nervous. She wanted to study further, but was not sure if his father would allow it.

The Empowerment of Srey Pich

Srey Pich left school to help her mother with a small home-based grocery business after only completing fifth grade. At 13 she was lured into a relationship with an older boy. The boy was arrested and Pich ended up at a shelter filled with a sense that she’d brought a great shame on her family. But after receiving counseling and skills training, she is empowered in her life again!