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New Hope for Sreyhang

In mid-January, Lotus Pedals gave away 15 bicycles (including pumps, locks, and repair kits) to seventh grade girls in our GATE program at Angkor Thom High School in Angkor Thom District, Siem Reap Province. These Lotus Pedals recipients live 2-5 kilometers from school. These bikes provide crucial access to education. Education = Empowerment!

Our Trip to Cambodia

In mid-January members of Lotus Outreach International Board of Directors and staff team took a trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia to visit Lotus Outreach Cambodia (LOCAM) and the young women, children and families that we support. The programs we visited—and especially the young women we encountered— have left indelible marks on our memory.

The First-ever GATE/CATALYST Alumni Gathering!

After 14 years providing scholarships to students through the GATE Program, Lotus Outreach organized its first ever Alumni Gathering. This was an extremely important event for both Lotus Outreach and the alumni, and it happened to coincide during a visit of LO's Board of Directors.

Blossom Bus: Keeping girls in School and Keeping Schools Open

In a recent study, Unicef found 30% of the world’s poorest teenage girls have never been to school. Girls in poor countries face obstacles to education; gender discrimination and physical distance from their school, to name a few. It’s no exaggeration to say heroics are at play when a girl in these conditions is able to remain in school...

Hope is Rising!

What an amazing year we've had. We've seen exponential growth, both in our programs and with donor support and are looking ahead to an even more impactful 2020! But we can't do it without you. Here are some ways you can partner with us...

A Ride to the Future

In Cambodia, only 11 percent of girls attend secondary school. In large part this is due to the difficulties girls face in simply getting to school. The road is often long and too dangerous to walk. By supplying all-terrain bicycles, we give girls access to education. We give them a ride to the future!

A Life-changing Opportunity for Sophin

To help our scholars improve their English, as well as to stay connected with them, CATALYST has asked students in year one and year two to keep an English journal which they send to us through Facebook Messenger. Sophin wrote a long reflection in Khmer showing her appreciation for the program and the donors for giving her the precious life-changing gift of education.

A Father’s Sacrifice, a Daughter’s Dream Come True

From the village Rajpur, India, Kamini is the daughter of farmer, Lal. Lal has a small plot of land and earns a meager living. Neither Lal nor his five brothers were able to study beyond eighth grade. There was no high school in his village and no means of transportation available. Given his past and current challenges, one would think the idea of educating his daughter would be a far off dream. But not for Lal.

Kálos Skincare: Creating Consciously, Giving Back to Girls in Need

Coffee and cream, yin and yang, a girl and her bicycle: some things are just meant to be together. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with Kálos Skin in support of the 1000 Bikes Campaign and our recent bike ceremonies where 66 girls received bikes!

A Story of a Survivor

This is a story of vulnerability and prevention. Sometimes children are lucky and come into the care of agencies and those working on keeping children safe. Raksmey is one of these. She was taken into care at a confidential shelter due to the fact her main caregivers were absent and when her mother came back into the picture, she planned to take her out of school and send her to work in Thailand--with all the vulnerabilities and dangers that come with that.