We have established LotusRelief, an initiative to meet the urgent needs of the vulnerable communities we serve during crisis.

At present the communities we serve are affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we need your support for our emergency LotusRelief fund!

During a crisis it is always the poor and most vulnerable people that suffer the most. We are positioned to respond to the devastating consequences of COVID-19 as a result of our long-term local networks and dedicated beneficiaries.

LotusRelief is a direct outcome of our engaged community-based approach to sustainable change. Our work is shaped at the local level in collaboration with long-term networks and in conversation with the urgent needs of community members.

Our goal is to raise relief funds to be distributed between community programs in India and Cambodia. Mainly India is much harder hit than Cambodia right now – in terms of intense government lockdown – so the budget there is significantly more to help mitigate the costs to people’s lives.

Read about LotusRelief In Cambodia HERE

LotusRelief In India (content in development)

LotusRelief #GivingTuesdayNow (see blog post for more info about the campaign):

India LotusRelief Request: $10,000 ($1,750 committed) so $8,250 to go 
Cambodia LotusRelief Request: $3,050 ($1,750 committed) so $1,300 to go
Total raised: $25,850. We have exceed our goal by $11,850!

May 2020 Activities


  • Food rations to serve 150+ extremely needy migrant families near Garden of Peace School in Tamil Nadu through May: $4,000 ($1,750 committed by BGR): $2,250
  • ASHA, the distribution of 5,000 masks to 1,000 health workers and 30,000 bars of soap to 30,000 families in 150 villages in Rajasthan: $2,500
  • Food rations to serve 135+ most in need EQ+ families in the slums of northwest Delhi through May (where our EQ+ staff live and work): $3,500


  • Three cell phones for CATALYST scholarship students for access to education: $500
  • Hygiene education, health advocacy, COVID-19 education, materials, soap, and fumigation items for Santi Sena partner IRD in rural Cambodia: $3,500; ($1,750 committed DACF); $1,750

Thank you for all of the support we have received. In addition to our longterm funders The Douglas A. Campbell Foundation and Buddhist Global Relief, we raised $22,350 from 160 individual donors.

All donations towards the LotusRelief Fund are unrestricted and so will be used at the discretion of Lotus Outreach International.