Children under 14 years of age
Children in 12 tutoring centers were provided with after school care in 2021

The EQU+ after school program serves children of migrant labor by enrolling them in school and providing evening bridge classes to ensure they keep up at an age appropriate level. We are currently providing after school classes for 25 to 30 children under 14 years of age. The program also engages parents and seeks to establish formal relationships between parents and the schools their children are attending.

We began this program in response to a cry for help to access education from out-of-school children of migrant labor at a peri urban settlement of Delhi India.

Schools in the area make it difficult for such children to enroll in school. EQU+ program assists their formal enrollment and provides after school bridge classes to ensure the children reach a level of learning that matches their age. Otherwise, not being able to afford private tuition, they will soon drop out due to inability to keep up with their class.

Partner: White Lotus Trust • Supported by : Douglas A. Campbell Foundation