“Bicyclette” Art Print Series


“Bicyclette” series quality art prints by Nancy Hilliard Joyce printed on archival matte paper

Long-time friend of LO and Art for LO contributor, Nancy Hilliard Joyce, is making available three of her favorite paintings from a series inspired by elements of photographs of children in Southeast Asia on bikes as archival matte prints for the LO community. Nancy has generously dedicated all print proceeds to the brighter futures of LO beneficiaries.

“The Yellow Dress”, “Go Forth and Have No Fear”, and the “Our Road Ahead”, speak to the urgency and need for this simple sort of transportation, the bicycle. When Nancy visited LO programs in Cambodia in 2015, she was moved by the thirst the girls had to be educated and she has been motivated to help girls get safely to school ever since. Nancy says the bikes are a literal and figurative vehicle for girls’ education and freedom. Read more about Nancy Hilliard Joyce and how she connected with LO in a 2019 interview with Nancy on our blog.


Please allow 2 week processing time in addition to delivery. For expedited orders please contact paloma@lotusoutreach.org

About the Artist

Nancy Hilliard Joyce

Nancy Hilliard Joyce is a representational mixed-media artist whose work is often layered with bits of surreal overtones. She lives and creates out of her home studio located in Concord, NC. Hilliard Joyce’s paintings move through various themes, exploring each with vibrant color, gestural line, and at times with tactile bases of handmade paper. Her work is created with modeling paste, a range of synthetic polymer paints, various handmade papers and detailed with touches of oil paint. Recurrent themes of flowers gone to seed, wheels, women with umbrellas, and the flight patterns of birds illuminate her fascination with the observation of circles and time.

Nancy Hilliard Joyce is passionate about giving back to the environment, women, and children in need and uses her art as a platform to raise money for charity and non-profit organizations. Her work is appreciated and widely collected throughout the world in many homes, hotels, corporate offices, and airports. She is known as a contemporary, mixed-media artist with an Americana flair.

See Nancy’s online gallery here and her complete bio page.

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