Red Tara


Emily Avery Yoshiko Crow has dedicated 108 prints of her new Red Tara painting as a part of our Art for LO initiative at Lotus Outreach. All proceeds from the sale of prints are dedicated to LO. One size is available. Each Red Tara print is 15’’ x 24’’ (the size of the original artwork) on a textured cotton rag archival matte paper with a one inch border.

About Tara:
“[Tara] made the particular vow to liberate beings from eight great fears that are the projections of negativities within the mind. [This] encompasses all the fears and phobias that arise from our habits of attachment and aversion. Ultimately Tara offers liberation from any fear of samsaric suffering. For this reason she is called the Swift Savioress.” – From the Red Tara Commentary by Chagdud Khadro

We are delighted and honored to feature Emily once again as an Art for LO Artist. We, too, are deeply grateful for her generosity.


Please allow 3 week processing time in addition to delivery. For expedited orders please contact

About the Artist

Photo by Sophie Perks

Ms. Emily Avery Yoshiko Crow is an artist who works with watercolor, natural sculpture, and textiles, as well as animation and film production design. She was raised in Colorado and Nova Scotia and was influenced at a young age to recognize the power of beauty. See more of her work @yoshiko.crow and

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