Anti-trafficking, Health, and Water Services

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein

Lotus Outreach anti-trafficking, health and water service programs are directly serving 17,000 women and children in 2019.

Education, literacy and advocacy play an important role in protecting girls from exploitation. As the voices of women strengthen, they are spurred to demand equality and look out for one another. In this way, education and training addresses exploitation before it can occur. For those who are survivors of violence, we have projects that provide trauma therapy, social services, and economic empowerment.

Our work in anti-trafficking, health and water very directly improve wellbeing and educational outcomes. Our well program provides clean water and health education to communities in dire need while supporting school attendance for children who might otherwise be walking long distances for potable water while their parents earn wages. Instead, health and education are supported by the nearby wells we provide. Our rural health program is directly empowering local health workers to educate their communities.

We are proud to support the conditions for our beneficiaries to thrive.

Education and Training
Girl At School Reading to Class: Lotus Outreach International

Girls’ education is a transformative force. Educated women experience wide-ranging benefits. They have healthier children, are at less risk of experiencing domestic violence and marrying young, have fewer children, higher incomes, and more respect in making household decisions. These advantages combined can help tp lift households, communities, and nations out of poverty.

Creating Gender Equality

Where there is poverty, there are opportunities for exploitation. Women and girls are much more vulnerable than men and boys  in low income countries where gender discrimination impacts all levels of social, economic and political life. We recognize gender discrimination and work toward gender equality in the communities we are active.  

Care and Protection
People at Water Pump: Lotus Outreach International

Our care initiatives address gaps in the provision of basic needs in places where the conditions for exploitation are devastating. They work together with our education and training projects to cultivate empowerment and protection for those who need it most. Providing care and protection nourishes wellbeing among beneficiaries and supports educational and learning outcomes.