Gift of Hope celebrates the hope and joy that Lotus Outreach Care initiatives ignite in LO students and beneficiary communities. Join us for our end of the year giving campaign to ensure care, protection, and joy in the hearts of thousands of people each year. This year's Gift of Hope includes an exciting online art auction featuring "Seed", by Art for LO Artist, Corinne Weidmann, as well as a raffle for all donors! We are aspiring to raise $50,000 for LO and reach the 200 monthly coffee sacrifices mark for 2021. Only 20 more people to go! Join us today. 

1,000 Coffee: An International Event 

1,000 Coffee is a sustainable giving campaign based on the sacrifice of a weekly coffee (or tea). We hope to inspire collective monthly giving that will be a foundation of support for access to education programs at Lotus Outreach. 1,000 Coffee donations are dedicated to a Scholarship Fund that LO beneficiaries can rely on year after year. In 2021, LO Affiliates and Ambassadors around the world co-hosted bike ride events in more than 10 countries! 

About Us 

Our mission is to empower women and children living in poverty. With affiliates in seven countries and local NGOs on the ground, we are a global community that believes empowerment is the heart of sustainable change. 

Over 26 years we have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. We operate 17 education, training, and care programs that serve at-risk women and children in India and Cambodia. Programs ensure access to secondary and university level education, skills and job-training, anti-trafficking, and health and water services. 

Contact us to learn more or give today. 

We are committed to the urgent needs of the most vulnerable. Our solutions achieve sustainable change for the long-term.
Lotus Notes International
Our robust network of local partners ensure solutions are engaged, effective, and lasting.
Lotus Notes International
We closely monitor key measures of success for the projects you fund, and report them to you.
Lotus Notes International
We invest in replicable solutions that can expand across the communities and countries we work in.
Your donation empowers women and children in need and is the seed of transformation in communities.
You can make a difference. Here's how.