Check out our new LO tote bags in our LO store.

Each delightful 100% 8oz cotton (65% recycled material) Baggu totes has a lotus drawing on the front and an LO message on the back.


✨Each tote will go towards empowering women and children through access to education, training, and care✨

Join our 1,000 Bikes Campaign!

Through the 1,000 Bikes Campaign, LO Ambassadors host bike rides and community events around the world inspired by the bravery of young women who challenge harmful gender narratives to pursue their dreams of education, empowerment and sustainable change at home. We’re delighted to welcome you to learn more about this amazing worldwide community event and invite you to join us by hosting a ride!


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We are committed to the urgent needs of the most vulnerable. Our solutions achieve sustainable change for the long-term.
Lotus Notes International
Our robust network of local partners ensure solutions are engaged, effective, and lasting.
Lotus Notes International
We closely monitor key measures of success for the projects you fund, and report them to you.
Lotus Notes International
We invest in replicable solutions that can expand across the communities and countries we work in.
Your donation empowers women and children in need and is the seed of transformation in communities.
You can make a difference. Here's how.