How We Work

We empower women and girls to create sustainable change that will reverberate for generations. Working with local partners and community networks, we discover practical and multidimensional solutions that address the real needs of vulnerable communities through programs in education, training and care.

Education & Training + Care = Empowerment

Our Progress

We’re passionate about empowering women and children to stand on their own, protecting them from exploitation and harm. We track our impact through measurable benchmarks of success. Here’s some of the progress we’ve made.

Children receieved access to fresh water at shool
Suriviors served
Of Rice for Education Programs
Bicycles for School-Girls Access for Education

Where We Work

Our programs operate in some of the most neglected rural areas of India and Cambodia. Strong local partners and community networks allow us to serve vulnerable populations with education, training, anti-trafficking, health and water services. We are dedicated to empowering communities in the most need, to reverse the cycle of poverty.