1,000 Coffee in Hong Kong! Candice, Chris, and the WellnessXperts Community

SEVENTH RIDE: Candice, Chris, and WellnessXperts Community, Hong Kong

We are so excited to announce the seventh bike ride event as a part of 1,000 Coffee, hosted by Candice Tsuei, Chris Lo, and the WellnessXperts community in Hong Kong!

WellnessXperts is a community of people brought together by their passion for health and wellbeing. They hope to raise awareness for Lotus Outreach and foster a meaningful collaboration to support girls’ access to education. Their route is from Shatin to Tai Mei Tuk along the beach, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a beautiful scenic trail and they will glimpse the iconic Tsz Shan Monastery Guan Yin statue along the way. The ride is open to the public and all are welcome to join!

We recently had the chance to ask Chris and Candice a few questions about their inspiration for hosting this event. Their interview is below.

Q: Can you share with us some details of this year’s ride? What is your route and what made you choose it? Who will be joining you?

A: In Hong Kong there aren’t that many routes that are friendly for people to join at a beginner level. We picked one that’s not hard, it should take about two hours and have beautiful scenery. For Hong Kong we plan to do this semi- regularly so this is just to kick things off and make people aware of the project. During the bike ride you can actually see the Kuan Yin statue. The path is along the coast so it’s nice to just get out of the city and the high rises. That weekend is also the Dragon Boat Festival, we’re starting early Sunday afternoon and will end the ride with the sunset and hang out. Anyone is welcome to join. 

Q: What inspired you to lead a bike ride event for Lotus Outreach with the WellnessXperts community?

A: . WellnessXperts is a community of people working on their health and spreading health around their communities and has always been an active and fun loving group. As soon as I knew there was a possibility to do some kind of collaboration I thought it was a no brainer. I thought we have a great cause here with Lotus Outreach helping the children which is super meaningful, and it gives us a good excuse to get active more regularly.

Q: What are your goals for this ride?

A: Our goal is to spread awareness about LO and the 1,000 Coffee project. But it will be part of long term awareness spreading. This is just to kick it off. But WellnessXperts wanted to work with a charity, because it’s such a community based concept so having a trusted way to give back is so vital, especially one that connects to our personal philosophy. 

Q: What inspires you about Lotus Outreach and 1,000 Coffee?

A: 1,000 Coffee is inspiring because it’s something different. The visuals are cute and seem to be targeted towards millennials to raise awareness about Lotus Outreach. The project is more on spreading awareness and giving in a daily way, which is more sustainable. It really puts things into perspective. A lot of times people think they need to be making a lot of money before they can donate, but really it’s just like a cup of coffee and we all are able to do that.