Lotus Outreach was founded by Khyentse Norbu in 1993 in Himachel Pradesh, India to serve refugees from Nepal to find safety. Later after Norbu travelled to Cambodia our mission expanded to serve young women and girls in India and Cambodia. He encountered a small girl at a safe house for women who had been trafficked in Cambodia. When she held his finger and wouldn’t let it go he was moved by her strength. Khyentse Norbu says it is really because of her that Lotus Outreach is here today. Now, Lotus Outreach serves at-risk women and children with education, training, care, and protection– with a special emphasis on the empowerment of girls. 

In 2002, LO was incorporated in California to create a U.S. headquarters. Our affiliates are present in seven countries worldwide and represent a diverse and global community of volunteers and ambassadors that are committed to empowering those in need through a sustainable model of empowerment. Our team enjoys a healthy working rapport bridging 7 time zones! ! Over 26 years we have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.